Ontario Snowboard executes Ski Cross events in Ontario on behalf of Alpine Ontario

As per the 2020 Provincials Ski Cross Events Policy found HERE entries for Ski Cross will only be accepted upon submission of the 2020 SkiCross_Team_Entry

All competitors, coaches and parents are encouraged to review the 2019.202 SBX.SX Formats PUBLIC

2020 Ski Cross Events

2020 Ski Cross Finals Event Notice

Jan 17th – 19th SBX/SX @ Sir Sams

Results Jan. 18th    2020.01.18.SX #1 Sir Sams

Results Jan. 19th   2020.01.19.SX #2 Sir Sams

Feb. 7-9th SX only at Craigleith 2020.02.07-09.Craigleith SX

Feb. 21st-23rd SBX/SX at Caledon Ski Club

March 20th-22nd SX only Provincials at Beaver Valley