2020 Ontario Snowboard Provincial Speed Series 

Alpine Snowboarding Events Listing HERE

Snowboard Cross & Ski Cross Events Listing HERE

Ontario Snowboard will again be executing Ski Cross events on behalf of Alpine Ontario however in 2020 we will have some events SBX and SX only to ensure quality execution while providing the athletes across both disciplines with maximum athlete opportunities

Please review the 2019.202 SBX.SX Formats PUBLIC

Age Categories & Eligibility

In order to align with Canada Snowboard and Provincial Organizations throughout the country the following categories will apply to all Speed Provincial Series and Provincial Championships events

Ages as of December 31st, 2019

Speed Events ages as of December 31st 2019
Age Category Age
U11 9 & 10YO
U13 11 & 12 YO
U15 13 & 14 YO
15 + NON-FIS 15 + NO FIS License
15 + FIS 15+ with FIS License


Volunteer Bond Program – 

The Purpose of the Volunteer Bond Program is to encourage members to become actively involved in the operation and success of the Speed Series.

In order to continue to provide a safe, competitive environment to our members we will be requiring either a time or financial commitment from each family, formally referred to as the “Volunteer Bond Program”. 2020 Volunteer Bond Program


Ontario Snowboard Speed Series Point Calculation

Ontario Snowboard points shall be awarded based on a 50 point scale and shall be awarded to the first 35
finishers in each event as follows:

Accumulation of Points and Ranking

Points will expire at the end of each season and do not carry forward to the next

Athletes who compete in Ontario Snowboard Speed Series events will be eligible to accumulate points as per the below

Accumulation of points will be the best 2 series results + Provincial Championships

Athletes must attend a min. of two events + Provincials to be included in series rankings

The purpose of the points is to rank athletes in Ontario and will be used to determine overall  Ranking and be used as part of the criteria for Junior Development  Team selection and as one of the criteria for determining eligibility for events with limited enrollment (e.g. Nationals)

2019 ON SBD Series Point Calculation


Previous Results

2019 Final Series Points-SBX

2019 Final Series Points-Alpine

2018 SO Speed Series Alpine Rank – Final

2018 SO Speed Series SBX Rank – Final