Who is your coach?
Jonas Brooks

What is your Favourite memory of snowboarding?
My favourite memory of snowboarding is probably when my cousin Abby Usprech and I participated in the Orillia Winter Games together or when my team and I watched the World Cup together and in general just boarding and spending time on the mountain with some of my best friend. Always cheering each other on whether we are training or competing.

Do you have any Pets? What kind?
I have a pet bird. Her name is Archie.

What is your favorite food?
Green Grapes, Watermelon, Miami Ribs

What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from who?

The best advice I have received is from my mom and she told me, “Your attitude will affect how your day goes if you start your day with a positive attitude you are more likely to have a better day and be happier!” She also told me that “you can do anything you set your mind to”

What do you do in your training that is key to your success?

In training something that helps me be successful is listening and applying the feedback I receive from my coaches to my riding, as well as keeping a positive attitude. Also making sure I give myself rest when needed and keep a positive outlook and always find the positive in every situation.

If you could ride anywhere, where would it be?
New Zealand, Israel, or a World Tour

Favourite sport/past time other than snowboarding?
Competitive Swimming, dancing, Netflix, horseback riding, softball, biking, spinning, exercising, spending time with my friends, being active, etc.

What is your dream vacation?
New Zealand or Israel (anywhere where the people have an accent)

What are your top 3 songs to ride to? 

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer

Everybody Talks – Neon Trees

Kiss You – One Direction

What is the last tv show/movie you watched? 

Greys Anatomy

What has been your greatest snowboard accomplishment to date?
Participating int he Orillia Winter Games 2020

What has been your greatest non-snowboard accomplishment to date?
My Bat Mitzvah or graduating middle school and starting high school.

What is the most challenging part of competitive snowboarding?

I think that the most challenging part of competitive snowboarding is keeping yourself motivated and no matter what knocks you down you make sure that you get right back up and keep trying. The amount of motivation and resilience you have will be a big factor in determining your success.