Who is your coach? 

Jonas Brooks

What is your favourite memory of snowboarding? 

The first time I got to race in our club championships, when I was 7. I wasn’t good, or fast, but I loved doing it.

Do you have pets? 

I have 2 cats, Zoey and Eli

What is the best advise you’ve ever received and from who? 

“Try hard, have fun, don’t suck” -mom

What do you do in your training that is the key to your success? 

Understanding and adapting to feedback is really important, because there’s always room for improvement and making even the tiniest changes in your riding can go a long way.

What is your dream vacation? 

I would love to go to Switzerland and snowboard in the Alps.

What is the most challenging part of competitive snowboarding?

The fact that every run is different, and you can never really depend on the conditions, or even your own riding.