Who is your coach? 

Sam Marcotte

Who are your sponsors? 

Ride Snowboards, Quicksilver, Oakley

What is your favourite memory of snowboarding? 

The first time I did a front 7

Do you have Pets? What Kind? 

Australian Shepard, Avalanche and a cat, Roxy

What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from who? 

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” -dad

If you could ride anywhere, where would it be? 

Stomping grounds and Laax

Favourite sport/past time other than snowboarding? 

Wakeboarding, mountain biking, dirt biking, skateboarding and wake skating

What is your dream vacation? 

Hawaii and Stomping Grounds

What is the last TV Show/Movie you watched? 

In Motion

What has been your greatest snowboard accomplishment to date? 

My greatest accomplishment so fare is winning Provincials

What has been your greatest non-snowboard accomplishment to date? 

My greatest non-snowboard accomplishment to date is winning wakeboard World Championships twice!

What is the most challenging part of competitive snowboarding? 

The pressure before you drop!