Canada Snowboard Coaching Program

The Ontario Snowboard Coaching Program supports current and future snowboard coaches in Ontario through training, development and partnered aid with the Coaches Association of Ontario. Any person who wishes to coach snowboarding in Ontario must be trained and certified through the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP). Active clubs and programs can only hire coaches trained and certified under the CSCP.

Becoming a coach

The first step to becoming a coach is to take the Competition Introduction (CI) Course. In Ontario, the 3 day on snow course is offered 3-5 times a season, but this course can be taken anywhere in Canada. Once completed, you will be considered a Competition Introduction coach in training, over the next two years you will take more theory courses online or in person (ie. practice planning, teach and learning and make ethical decisions), creating a coaching portfolio and being evaluated to completed your Competition Introduction Snowboard Certification.

Steps to registering for a Competition Introduction course:
  1. Purchase an Ontario Snowboard Coach membership
  2. Submit a police record check for approval
  3. Complete the Safe Sport Online Module here
  4. Register for the CI Course

*these steps can take time, it is encouraged to start the registration process a couple weeks ahead of the registration deadline.

Upcoming Coaching Courses and Theory Courses
  • Upcoming coaching courses can be found here. Ontario featured courses will be posted on our Facebook Page.
  • NCCP Theory courses (practice planning, teach and learning, making ethical decisions) can be completed through the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO). Further information can be found here.
  • For further information on the snowboard coaching pathways, refer to the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program.

Coach Development

The Ontario Snowboard Coaching program also helps to support coach development, through delivery of Competition Introduction Advanced courses, grant writing on behalf of coaches, and professional development opportunities.

Coaches and Program Directors should make sure to be signed up for the Ontario Snowboard Coaches newsletter to keep up to date. Past opportunities have included providing training to be Canada Games coaches, training to be a Canada Snowboard Learning Facilitator, and Adaptive coach training.

Have any ideas? Let us know what will help you to be a better coach. Email our coaching coordinator with any ideas or questions.