2021 Online Judging Clinic

Date:  Saturday January 2nd, 2021

Time:  9:00 AM – 12:00PM

Location:  Online

Prerequisite for attending: After registering in the system at www.fis-edu.com, participants must complete these two courses:



To Register Please contact Jason Petznick 

Canada Snowboard Judges Program

Judging is not just giving out scores and ranking riders. To judge at a high level with confidence and efficiency, judges need to be well trained in the following areas:

  • Proper Trick Recognition
  • Proper Separation of the Execution
  • Estimation of Trick Difficulty
  • Points and Ranking
  • Visualization
  • Overview
  • Thinking in Advance
  • Recognizing mistakes and Control System
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability

Anyone interested in becoming a Judge, or coaches/athletes interested in taking a Judging Clinic, should contact:

Jason Petznick
ON Judging Coordinator
[email protected]

Ontario Snowboard only uses trained and certified judges for our Competitions.

More information on Judging can be found at Canada Snowboard’s Judges Program page.